Father Jacob Carlin celebrates Mass Thursday, Feb. 3, for students of St. Patrick Catholic School – one of the eternal benefits of a Catholic school education. Catholic school students across the diocese will celebrate Catholic School Week Jan. 27 through Feb. 2. (Advance photo)

Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

Holy Spirit parishioners blessed by their school
The Tom and Diann Ensz family genuinely understands the value of the stewardship way of life that is often taken for granted in the Diocese of Wichita.
They lived for many years outside the diocese and, while away, yearned to return because they understood the value of Catholic school education.
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Mother: Hutch Catholic schools prepare children for life
David and Karin Neal have four children at Trinity Catholic High School in Hutchinson, all of whom attended Holy Cross Catholic School.
Karin, a native Wichitan, who attended St. Francis of Assisi School and graduated from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, said as a product of diocesan Catholic schools, a Catholic school education was always what she planned for her children, if at all possible.
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Express your stewardship with love of God and love for each other

Expression refers to how we express ourselves. Of course, we express ourselves through words. However, as St. Ignatius of Loyola states, love expresses itself “more by deeds than words.”
Expression in the New Evangelization is communicated through both words and actions. The “new” in the expression of the New Evangelization is really a shift from legal language and action to personalistic language and action.
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Love and Logic helps parents parent

Mika Gross says she gets the same feedback after every Love and Logic parenting series.
One of the remarks participants share is that they are able to stay calm after their children misbehave when previously they might have lost their temper. Other parents describe how simple and effective the concepts are.
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‘Gender matters’ seminar will explain the church’s teaching about sexuality, human body

Andrew Comiskey of Desert Stream Ministries will lead the seminar, “Gender Matters - Fighting for a New Generation,” March 15 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Wichita.
You’re invited to join Andrew Comiskey and friends as we discover together the compassion and clarity of Jesus towards persons facing gender and sexual identity issues.
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Parishioners receiving fake emails from priest impersonators

Internet thieves who spoof, scam, and phish in an attempt to defraud the innocent haven’t forgotten about the church.
Emails have been recently sent by thieves impersonating diocesan priests asking if the recipients of the email could purchase gift cards in some form or another.
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St. Jude Knights hosting annual Night of Romance Saturday, Feb. 16

Bishop Carl A. Kemme will be the keynote speaker for the 19th Annual Night of Romance Saturday, Feb. 16, in the parish hall of St. Jude Parish, Wichita.
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Discalced Carmelites’ chaplain says visitors may attend Mass

Each day the sisters rise very early in the morning to pray Lauds, the first hour of the Divine Office. This is followed by work, rest, recreation, study, meals, and community living. Daily Mass is the focal point of the day. The Divine Office is prayed in its entirety at specific times of the day. The sisters see everything as a chance to please our Lord and show charity to one another.
Like so many of our wonderful cloistered orders here in this country, the Carmelite sisters offer up many prayers for the intentions of those in the Diocese of Wichita. Mass is usually celebrated at 7 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. All are welcome.
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Bishop Kemme to visit India Jan. 7-21

Bishop Carl A. Kemme will be visiting India Jan. 7-21 to thank the orders of priests and nuns serving in the Diocese of Wichita and to strengthen the ties between the diocese and the three orders.
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Warming Souls in need of warm hearts

The diocesan Warming Souls ministry wants to warm bodies this winter – and provide sustenance to them.
The Diocese of Wichita is responsible for providing an evening meal, breakfast, and a sack lunch from Feb. 1 through March 31 at the Emergency Winter Shelter, located at 841 N. Market, and a women’s shelter across the street.
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Sr. Rose Helen Burger dies Dec. 22 in Wichita

Sister Rose Helen received her elementary education at St. Thomas the Apostle School and the first three years of her secondary education at Bishop Ward High School in Kansas City, Kansas.
In 1946 she entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in Wichita where she finished high school. After taking a Normal Training course, she received an Elementary Teacher Certificate in June of 1947.
She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education from St. Mary of the Plains College in 1959 and a master’s in education from Notre Dame University in 1965 while continuing to teach for a total of 42 years.
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